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Shiwa Thai & Beauty Spa
(39 reviews)
Nondyebo Bodlo
(Posted 2 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

Had a superb spa experience with a very friendly and professional therapist Shima. The rest of the staff was friendly.loved the massage

What did you like?

The 60 min Aromatherapy full body massage

What can be improved?

Can't fault much

What would you recommend to others?

The aromatherapy oil massage

Vanessa Laila Mashishimane
(Posted 7 months ago)

It is amazing, the atmosphere, the staff, their services. I really enjoyed the Thai aromatherapy full body massage. And they are affordable!

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Kerry-Leigh Meyerson
(Posted 9 months ago)

This post is more hoping that it's positive and helpful feedback rather than a complaint. I arrived at the spa today, ready for my 50 minute aroma massage. A gift from my boyfriend. I am a massage therapist myself so naturally I felt a bit critical but I just thought it would be the experience I was hoping for. My appointment started a bit late which I didn't mind because I was there for a relaxing experience and wasn't going to get worked up over a few minutes. Once in the, I began to relax. My therapist (whose name I didn't actually get) came in and told me what massage I was having done and asked me which pressure I'd like, which I answered medium to. The massage began with my legs. My first shock happened when my therapist started to use her knuckles. Aromatherapy massages are meant to be relaxing, yes areas are supposed to get worked to release muscle tension but knuckles on muscles that haven't been warmed up at all or sufficiently really shocks me. Although it was exceptionally painful, I

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Amalta Sadapal Pillay
(Posted 10 months ago)

My husband made a 2hr booking for yesterday. I called on sat to confirm which treatments we would have and the receptionist suggested we have the aromatherapy massage and decide afterwards what we would like to add on in the next hr. When we got there and were done with the 1hr massage we were told they were fully booked and could not accommodate us. The aromatherapy massage felt very rushed and I would have preferred a more concentrated massage had I known they had given our booking away. The experience was extremely disappointing and I will therefore not be a returning customer.

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Shermone De Klerk
(Posted 1 year ago)

Had an awesome Aromatherapy massage on Saturday. Excellent service, will definitely be going back.