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Best Chemical Peel

Treatment: Chemical Peel

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Carice de Jager
(Posted 2 months ago)

Really had the best experience here yesterday. I booked a chemical peel and got way more than that. The service was exceptional!

(11 reviews)
Suné Bester
(Posted 7 months ago)

Had a pH Formula treatment with Carine and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! I have chemical peels on a regular basis and my skin is used to pretty much anything, but this was just phenomenal! Instant circulation boost, resulting in a glowy complexion and I can not wait to see the long term results with my new homecare! Thank you!!

Eileen Debeer
(Posted 8 months ago)

I had a chemical peel with Melissa and it was fantastic

Rolandi Venter
(Posted 1 year ago)

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BioMedical Chemical Peel

(77 reviews)
Jenny Clarke
(Posted 1 year ago)

Savanna Clarke at The Melrose Aesthetic Centre. August 9 at 2:05pm · Johannesburg · My experience at The Melrose Aesthetic Centre has been nothing but incredible from day one. For almost a year since I've been going there, I have been greeted with nothing but warm, welcoming smiles and left there feeling happy and extremely grateful for everything they have done for me. On most Fridays I would go there and would get treatments done like chemical peels and laser treatments an...d although it sounds a bit scary (trust me I thought so at first too) I would lay there and it would feel like a mini spa day. And the isClinical and Xymogen products they used helped me tremendously. Especially considering the fact that I have sensitive skin. The results of using these products were incredible. After getting numerous compliments from family and friends I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from skin conditions. I just want to