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Isabel Goncalves Coutinho
(Posted 3 years ago)

Very professional staff, have had wonderful results with the Dermapen and lazer treatments.

Lisa de Boer
(Posted 3 years ago)

Just love this gem of a local business - professional, warm and friendly with a fantastic range of services on offer. I have the dermapen & LED mask treatment monthly with Maryke & am continuously amazed at the results and the extra attention that goes into our time together. Would highly recommend The Best!

Xillu Alonso
(Posted 3 years ago)

I took the Dermapen Test for my Acne. But it doesn't work perfectly. So I am shocked

Jolene Kemp Swanepoel
(Posted 4 years ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

The best place to be ..qualified staff with lots of experience and always willing to help ..with a smile .

What did you like?

Laser / dermapen/facials Litterly all the treatments are fabulous and relaxing a must to go to !

What can be improved?

What would you recommend to others?

Go and book a appointment and see for yourself ..they are very busy and there demanding is high!