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Louise Egginton
(Posted 11 months ago)

Francis is absolutely amazing with lashes and facials. And I had the best hydrating facial from Lettie... Love Adamant!!

(Posted 11 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

warm staff, and enjoyed the welcome cup of coffee with biscuits.

What did you like?

value for money, best service and happy staff

What can be improved?

couple treatment room

What would you recommend to others?

best wax l had and loved my facial and after care advise given never being told before. go have your own experience Sina has the client at heart and staff members are happy. wax best ever facial touch done the best after care on wax and products to use after my facial the boomb .

Kevin Minnaert
(Posted 11 months ago)

Just a shout-out to Madame et Monsieur Pinetown. I normally do my DF Facial with facial massage with Darel.

Alma Chalupsky Maxwell
(Posted 11 months ago)

My new happy place! Thank you Kim. What a magical facial. I did not want it to end. You will definitely be seeing me again... soon.

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Lorin Viljoen
(Posted 1 year ago)

I love how knowledgeable Candice was and the fact that she recommended a facial peel that delivered exactly what she said it would. My skin is not perfect but it feels 100X better than before.