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Samantha Natasha Savoy
(Posted 5 years ago)

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Myself and my husband came for a Back, Neck, shoulder massage. It was so relaxing and lovely!!!!

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Rochelle Moonbeam Jansen
(Posted 5 years ago)

I absolutely adore smoothe beauty! I've been going here for over two years and I've never left disappointed. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. They genuinely care about their clients and put care and effort into every type of treatment. Elrise is one of my favourite therapists, who makes an effort with everything she does. Another great thing about Smoothe is the quality of their gel manicures, went today for the second time to get my nails done. I told Anya what I wanted and she delivered. The last time I got my nails done here it lasted so long I had to remove them simply because I got tired of the colour. One place I'd definitely recommend to anyone and everyone.

Helga White
(Posted 6 years ago)

What an amazing mani and pedi. Denise did them and must say so happy with it. My mani still lasting...i have never had a gel manicure last this long. 6 weeks next week ....thanks so much. Will be back