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Treatment: Hot Stone Massage

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Health Hydro Day Spa
(44 reviews)
Chantél Evans
(Posted 4 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

My experience at Health Hydro Spa was absolutely amazing. I have visited a lot of spa's in the past but this one stood out. Extremely relaxing, the staff are so welcoming and attentive.

What did you like?

I liked that my therapist understood the pressure that I enjoy as well as which areas to work on more. I also loved the absolute tranquility of the spa as it added to my relaxation and treatment. I really enjoyed the overall experience of the massage.

What can be improved?

I honestly can't say that there is anything mire to improve on other than the fact that I wish I could visit the spa more often.

What would you recommend to others?

I would definitely recommend the Swedish full body massage as well as the Hot Stone massage (this treatment ensures ultimate relaxation and healing).

(33 reviews)
Larissa Raubenheimer
(Posted 5 months ago)

What a dream! it was my first ever massage and i LOVED it so much! Was so relaxing ans just amazing! I really felt so good after the Hot Stone Massage! coming back for more soon!! ????

Janique Anne Thompson Zeller
(Posted 5 months ago)

Absolutely incredible hot stone massage and facial peel. Highly recommended!!!

(52 reviews)
Lezanda Morley
(Posted 7 months ago)

Lovely spa day! Really relaxing hot stone massage.

Laura Diane Brady
(Posted 8 months ago)

The 90 minute hot stone massage is a pure winter indulgent treat and I highly recommend it. I plan to begin a series of Beta peels and will review once I have completed the course.