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Best Hot Stone Massage

Treatment: Hot Stone Massage

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Skinsation Westwood
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Siobhan Yeatman
(Posted 3 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

Absolutely fantastic. I was given the scent test with 3 Spalicious oils for my massage. I chose Arnica and Mint. My therapist Levashni gave me the best Full Body Hot Stone massage I've ever had in my life - perfect pressure, she put in extra time on areas that needed it, no rushing and I actually dozed off a number of times. Completely worth every cent.

What did you like?

Everything! The small touches like the ginger and honey tea served afterwards, and the lemongrass-scented warm, damp towel used to wipe down my limbs left me very impressed.

What can be improved?

The lighting seemed to be having a problem - the dimmer switch kept turning the lights on either bright or off completely. I was so relaxed I wasn't fazed. Also, I wasn't asked what kind of pressure I prefer, but Levashni managed to use the exact pressure I would have asked for, and I'm exceptionally fussy - I like a good firm pressure, but not so hard I feel bruised.

What would you recommend to others?

The massages, and particularly Levashni as a therapist - she was absolutely superb!

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Ronel Van Zyl
(Posted 4 months ago)

It was the most amazing experience I have had at a spa. The therapists were very professional and friendly, giving awesome hot stone massages. I would recommend All Wellness Spa to anyone that needs to escape the hectic day to day life and relax in total comfort and luxury. Being pampered like that makes you feel like a queen. Thank you very much!!

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Eleandri Oosthuizen
(Posted 7 months ago)

I visited this spa a few months ago and never got around to rating it. After reading a few bad reviews on the page today I decided to voice my own opinion... I LOVED my experience at All Wellness Spa! I went there for a hot stone massage and left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. You have the most lovely and professional staff and I was completely happy with the entire experience.

Nicole Baggeröhr
(Posted 9 months ago)

Had a wonderful hot stone massage by Rose today! The ladies at Sensasia are so warm and welcoming, will definitely be coming back again ????

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Elvira Oberholzer
(Posted 10 months ago)

As we are from Bloemfontein we received two gift vouchers for a happy feet and back and neck massage. All three were so friendly and very competent in their work, the best hot stone massage ever. Well done girls!!