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Tamlyn SummerElla Hewett
(Posted 4 years ago)

Used the laser lipo and lost 7cm and 1 kg in an hour all post pregnancy weight cant wait for my next session, it's really like a mini holiday pamper session. 5 stars.

Marthé Kotze
(Posted 5 years ago)

Suzan and her products are great! Been using the slimming syrup and have gone for the lipo injections and laser lipo, and can definitely see a difference!

(Posted 6 years ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

Great experience from start to finish. They focus on more than just the external and with the Laser Lipo treatment I had, they included an "In-Body" scan. This showed exactly where my issues were and gave me a better understanding of problem areas and things I need to work on. Not just slimming-related.

What did you like?

I highly recommend experiencing the Infrared Therapy in conjunction with the Laser Lipo. I felt like a new person when I walked out of there!

What can be improved?

Nothing really. My therapist Thapi was extremely knowledgeable, she also intuitively knew when to check on me without being intrusive. She was also able to clearly answer all of my many questions during the procedures. We need more therapists like her out there!

What would you recommend to others?

Definitely! Have already to several friends