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Skinsation Westwood
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Siobhan Yeatman
(Posted 2 years ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

Absolutely fantastic. I was given the scent test with 3 Spalicious oils for my massage. I chose Arnica and Mint. My therapist Levashni gave me the best Full Body Hot Stone massage I've ever had in my life - perfect pressure, she put in extra time on areas that needed it, no rushing and I actually dozed off a number of times. Completely worth every cent.

What did you like?

Everything! The small touches like the ginger and honey tea served afterwards, and the lemongrass-scented warm, damp towel used to wipe down my limbs left me very impressed.

What can be improved?

The lighting seemed to be having a problem - the dimmer switch kept turning the lights on either bright or off completely. I was so relaxed I wasn't fazed. Also, I wasn't asked what kind of pressure I prefer, but Levashni managed to use the exact pressure I would have asked for, and I'm exceptionally fussy - I like a good firm pressure, but not so hard I feel bruised.

What would you recommend to others?

The massages, and particularly Levashni as a therapist - she was absolutely superb!