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iBrow Design
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Liza Bold
(Posted 1 month ago)

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Daleen Ehlers
(Posted 5 months ago)

I was rather nervous about having microblading, was so scared that it would hurt. The anesthetic made the whole area numb and I didn't even feel a thing! Very professional service and loving the result so far. Now for the touch-up procedure to finalize the look. Will definitely recommend Margaret for anyone wanting to do this, her work is amazing

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Samantha Schroeder
(Posted 7 months ago)

Absolutely amazing service all the time! Had Microblading done by Michelle today and I am so inlove with my new brows! She made sure that they were 150% correct before I walked out! If ever you need your brows done or just any other beauty treatment done I would highly recommend Hair and Beauty at Cabana!!

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Verecia Snyders
(Posted 8 months ago)

I had my first Microblading session a month ago and i was so impressed with the results. My brows went through the phases of flaking and scabbing as it should, but retained their shape. And Sat i went for my touch up session and although it was a little more painful than the first, i am so happy! Claudia is so passionate about what she does and it shows. Excellent service!!! I can't wait to see the final results?

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Raylene Pitt
(Posted 9 months ago)

I am absolutely one happy customer. Thank you to Claudia and team. You came in on your off day to do my microblading and the technique was painless. I love my nails and especially my eyebrows! I will recommend UBA to all ! #customerforlife