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Daleen Ehlers
(Posted 2 years ago)

I was rather nervous about having microblading, was so scared that it would hurt. The anesthetic made the whole area numb and I didn't even feel a thing! Very professional service and loving the result so far. Now for the touch-up procedure to finalize the look. Will definitely recommend Margaret for anyone wanting to do this, her work is amazing

Natasha Abigail Müller
(Posted 3 years ago)

After waiting almost 3 months for my appointment and reading every single review and a whole lot of research on microblading, I am more than happy with my brows! Cannot wait for my touch up!

Laureen Shaw
(Posted 3 years ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

I have had various procedures done by Malinda, firstly permanent eye liner, microblading treatments and lash curl. I found her to be extremely professional, putting me at ease and explaining each procedure in detail., her follow up is awesome and she takes a personal interest in your well being and satisfaction. Nothing is to much and I found myself always being treated like an absolute queen, she explains everything as she goes along, the music and relaxing salon makes for it to be such an excellent time out!!! I go on a regular basis and also buy one beauty product from her range which is excellent. I am due for a visit soon for a touch up to my eyeliner!! And believe me no procedure hurts from permanent make up to microblading., if you can believe it is relaxing!

What did you like?

I think I covered that in point one but one thing that stands out is her friendly, outgoing personality and professional attitude.

What can be improved?

Absolutely nothing.

What would you recommend to others?

Without a doubt and I have

Tanya van Vuuren
(Posted 3 years ago)

Jess, you are absolutely amazing!! Thank you for my perfect microblading! I am inlove with my eyebrows?

Lynn DeWet Joshua
(Posted 3 years ago)

Thank you Bianca a job well done?microblading#eyebrows#onfleek?