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The Skin & Laser Clinic
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Nicola Ashe
(Posted 1 year ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

My skin feels amazing after seeing Lindy who assessed my skin and recommended Microdermabrasion, followed by a Modified Jessner mesoesthetic peel.

What did you like?

Lindy makes this specialized treatment both you relaxing and informative and I left feeling so pampered.

What can be improved?

Nothing - everything was perfect.

What would you recommend to others?

If you battle with skin congestion and your skin needs a good clean, this is definitely a good treatment - I am glowing!

Anusha Singh
(Posted 1 year ago)

I have been under the excellent expertise of The Goddess Factor Team : Microneedling; microdermabrasion; LAMELLE peel; etc. I have been diligently using the Dr Gobac products. The progressive results are amazing.

Jade Factor
(Posted 2 years ago)

My mom, Lisa, is truly one of a kind. She has the most beautiful heart and she is the most selfless, most beautiful and most special person i know. My mom makes you feel so special with every appointment that you have with her. You will not only leave feeling beautiful and relaxed but you will leave feeling special and cared for. Lisa's Laser and Beauty Salon invests in top quality machinery to take care of your every beauty need. From Microdermabrasion Facials to Pain Free ...Laser hair removals, amongst many other amazing treatments including massage, manicures, pedicures, make up for special occasions and more- each treatment is uniquely catered for your needs and will make you feel beautiful like you deserve. I always feel so lucky to be able to go to my mom as my beautician as i always know that i will leave with my skin feeling clear and my nails looking beautiful. I love you mom with all my heart and soul and you are my inspiration. See more