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Lorin Viljoen
(Posted 3 years ago)

I love how knowledgeable Candice was and the fact that she recommended a facial peel that delivered exactly what she said it would. My skin is not perfect but it feels 100X better than before.

Lara Röttcher
(Posted 4 years ago)

Professional services offered in a (very) relaxing environment. Face treatments like peels work wonders! Thanks to Nadine for all the care taken and good advice. I buy my skin products there too for a relatively reasonable price. (Relative being the operative word. ) Will keep going back and definitely recommend!

Lucia Borrelli
(Posted 4 years ago)

The Skin Connection has completely changed my skin for the better, where I feel I don't have to wear makeup! There is no one I trust more then this incredible salon. Kim and Carina always go out of their way to ensure that you leave feeling amazing yet are left with so much knowledge about skin care. The BEST peels and microneedling are done here, I wouldn't ever go anywhere else

Shini Liu
(Posted 4 years ago)

Helen and Jessica are both amazing ladies! Helen is an artistic nail artist, she takes great care of my nails and has recommended great products for my nails. Jessica is an experienced skin care specialist, I have had microneedling, nano needling and chemical peels done by her and have seen great results!!!! Both are highly recommended by myself personally! xxx

Simone van Breda
(Posted 4 years ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

I was treated with an inviting friendliness into a calm and tranquil environment. I enjoyed every second and relaxed after stressful times at work. Very professional staff and very convenient bookings. Absolutely great value for money.

What did you like?

Free coffee and sherry on arrival. All the smiling faces and the wonderful silence. All a mom of a toddler and stressed out schedule want is silence and being pampered. I really like the music as well.

What can be improved?

Please have eucalyptus smells in winter for blocked sinusses. Have you considered turning the pool into a mud bath? Or a Roman bath in winter.

What would you recommend to others?

The hot stone therapy massages is my favorite and the pedipeel.