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The Skin & Laser Clinic
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Nicola Ashe
(Posted 2 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

My skin feels amazing after seeing Lindy who assessed my skin and recommended Microdermabrasion, followed by a Modified Jessner mesoesthetic peel.

What did you like?

Lindy makes this specialized treatment both you relaxing and informative and I left feeling so pampered.

What can be improved?

Nothing - everything was perfect.

What would you recommend to others?

If you battle with skin congestion and your skin needs a good clean, this is definitely a good treatment - I am glowing!

Anusha Singh
(Posted 3 months ago)

I have been under the excellent expertise of The Goddess Factor Team : Microneedling; microdermabrasion; LAMELLE peel; etc. I have been diligently using the Dr Gobac products. The progressive results are amazing.

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Sameerah Hoosen
(Posted 5 months ago)

Had an amazing green peel done and im loving the results.

Jodie van Vuuren
(Posted 6 months ago)

I absolutely love the Beautique. Jeanine does all my peels and facials, the results are amazing every time . She is excellent. Every treatment I have done is always done perfectly and I always leave extremely happy with the service I received. I would definitely recommend it to everyone . Xxx

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Leandrie de Jager
(Posted 7 months ago)

What a lovely experience, and great service from Liandri! Herbal Peel is so worth it with amazing results every time!