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Hitekani Veronica Chauke
(Posted 8 months ago)

I went to Pyramid spa on my birthday in December and i really enjoyed myself. Spa treatments were really great. I will go back there some day. The only let down was the food. I was expecting some healthy food like fish and a salad and Fruit salad as dessert. Food didn't come with at least 1 free drink.

Laverne Douries
(Posted 8 months ago)

The best service,with friendly staff and affordable prices.I love massages and will choose Health Hydro day spa every time as my place to be pampered.My rate to you 99%

Krystle Wilkinson
(Posted 9 months ago)

Health Hydro Spa is my go to place for relaxation. I've been there several times, it's an amazing experience, from the time you walk in till you finished. Always friendly staff, soothing atmosphere and delightful messages. Also their lunch is delicious. Best value for price as I even buy Spa vouchers for friends and family for any occasion. I would highly recommend them. I'll give them a 100%

Smart Laser Durbanville
(2 reviews)
Michelle Hillier
(Posted 9 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

I went for the HIFU (Liposonic Ultrasound) treatment not really knowing what to expect. The girls at Smart Laser were absolutely amazing with setting me at ease and also preparing me for what was going to happen. They also advised me as to how I can take care of myself afterwards to get the best results, their consultation was super thorough and really eased the nerves. The treatment itself was a lot better than I expected, what others would explain as pain I would explain as a weird tingling sensation which was not painful at all, They worked specifically on my face to reduce existing wrinkles and sagging skin, the results however improved my skin drastically. I immediately saw a difference even though my therapist explained that you can see results up to 160 days after the treatment. I immediately saw differences in the texture of my skin and that my expression lines were a lot less. This treatment is non invasive and offers results that you could not even begin to imagine when going for the treatment, no knives, no blood and no excruciating pain afterwards, you can literally do the HIFU (Liposonic Ultrasound) in you lunch hour and go back to work afterwards. I would definitely recommend that you try this treatment out at Smart Laser.

What did you like?

The professionalism and fantastic client care as well as the amazing results I get to enjoy after!!!

What can be improved?

What would you recommend to others?

The HIFU (Liposonic Ultrasound)

Nicole Glockle
(Posted 11 months ago)

My nails have never been so healthy, have never been disappointed with a set. Friendly salon with amazing Techs.