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Enid Kurz
(Posted 4 years ago)

French kiss beauty salon is just magical. Francina is a gentle angel when it comes to an eye lash tint. Thorough, and not even the slightest burn. Now we all understand beauty is often pain, but just to have that suprise and lovely treat from Francina is worth a review. Spectacular waxing, as smooth as can be, and amazing tinting experiences. Thank you French kiss for your emacualate care in people's beauty and amazing service.

Jess Irving
(Posted 7 years ago)

The most amazing salon, a very peaceful and welcoming environment with the best treatments. The longest lasting and best gel nails I've had which actually strengthened my nails and helped them grow! Best place for everything from; waxing, tinting, facials, nails, to massages, etc. Cannot wait for my next visit!