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L.O.V Cosmetics in South Africa

Monday, January 12, 2015

L.O.V Cosmetics the bigger, sleeker, fancier, higher-end sister to essence and Catrice is now available in South Africa. I received *The Forbidden Dramatic Volume Mascara and *The Lip Affair Color and Care Lipstick to try out. But, all in the name of Beauty Blogging, I wanted to buy a few more products so that I can do a proper review for all of you. Also, the EVENelixir Serum Foundation looked so good, that I definitely wanted needed to try it out!

LOV Cosmetics First Impressions

So, off I went to Dischem and was welcomed to a well-stocked L.O.V stand. The range is quite big, there are over 20 eye products, 7 lip products, 14 face products and 8 nail products, all with a wide choice of colours. Unfortunately, similiar to essence and Catrice, the foundation range doesn’t cater beyond medium skin tones which is disappointing, but expected for a European Brand. Although I must say, essence and Catrice have starting extending their shade range recently, which is really great.

L.O.V Cosmetics Dischem

After a considerable amount of time browsing, as I am sure you can imagine, this is what I bought: EVENelixir Serum Foundation, The Undressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation, EVENelegance Foundation Brush and Heartful Healthy Glow Blush.