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Luxury Body Enhancer 200ml


A powerful blend of technologically advanced natural resurfacing actives, plus anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, protecting, nourishing and smoothing agents.

RégimA’s plethora of actives burst with benefits, providing all important natural enzymatic exfoliation from tropical fruits, plus a highly concentrated, purified lactic acid, produced by fermentation of sugar. The exotic prickly pear, uniquely stimulates 2 enzymes in the stratum corneum (epidermis), responsible for the body’s natural exfoliation process, which slows down with age. Purified chestnut stimulates cell turnover and synthesis of fatty acids and ceramides, achieved through enzymatic action, enhancing, normalising, re-structuring.

Significantly activates cell renewal, gently, yet powerfully. Skin rapidly looks and feels smoother, re-elastisized, more youthful and glowing.




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