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Urban Stress Protect & Detox Clarifying Masque 150ml


This patented active optimizes complexion tone and radiance.

Adding to our anti-pollution, detox package, purified fungi help reduce the signs of skin ageing, restoring radiance by targeting skin’s natural detoxification mechanisms, actively fighting against chemical pollutants such as nicotine, chlorine, as well as heavy metals iron and lead. This natural detoxification process, called autophagy, is the means by which the body cleans out toxins, autophagy being the body’s ‘recycling programme’, playing a critical role in reducing inflammation and slowing down the ageing process.

Together these powerful natural actives, manufactured at optimal percentage efficacy, work synergistically within a natural clay base, cooling, calming, reducing redness and irritation, de-stressing and eliminating harmful toxins.




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