Blow dry or blow out is the most popular beauty treatment amongst women (and men) of all ages. Whether it’s done regularly on a weekly basis or only for special occasions, it’s the one treatment that can instantly transform the look and feel of the hair and hairstyle.

A hairdresser or stylist would use a hairdryer to apply hot air to damp hair, and using different kinds of brushes for different looks will result in leaving the hair soft, silky and frizz-free.


A professionally done blow dry can last up to a week, and if you add just a little dry shampoo through the week you can get up to a week’s worth of wear out of a salon blow dry.

With product brands like Redken, Paul Mitchell, Olaplex, Kevin Murphy, Wella, Goldwell and Davines for different hair types and different hair styles, professional hair stylists can achieve almost any look for the hair.


There are volumising products, heat-protecting, smoothing, softening treatments a professional hair stylist would be able to recommend what is right for your hair and hairstyle.

Suitable for every hair type, a blowdry can transform your look in under 20 minutes. Blow dry can shape, sculpt, smooth and boost shine of your hair into almost any hairstyle. A session with your stylist can have a huge impact on the condition and finish of your hair.


There are other types of blow dry, including Brazilian or a Keratin blow dry. These treatments include different chemicals designed to tame curly and frizzy hair giving you a long-lasting shine

Where once was seen a luxury treatment it has become more common, with dry bars – hair salons dedicated exclusively to blow dry and hair styling are popping up everywhere

Please note that applying too much to your hair on a regular basis can damage the hair and cause breakages over time, especially when using hair straighteners as they work with a very high temperatures.  

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