Fat Freezing in Capital Park


CRYOTECHNOLOGY is the latest technology used in fat removal treatments through a system of controlled cooling.

This revolutionary technology is based on a new neither invasive nor painful procedure that cools the treated area to reduce the localised fat cells in a smooth and natural manner. The CRYOTECHNOLOGY technology is applicable on all kinds of skin and tissues, no matter the age or sex.

The machine is designed with two suction heads, which can work simultaneously, and both the temperature and the suction are independently adjustable.

The CRYOTECHNOLOGY treatment consists of applying coolness to the fat cells, freezing the localised tissue for a controlled period of time. The CRYOTECHNOLOGY heads generate a vacuum effect when the skin is suctioned, decreasing the blood flow of the treated zone, immobilising the fat tissue, and partially isolating it from the other tissues to protect them and avoid damaging them.

Once the cooling procedure is finished, the fat cells are liberated into the lymphatic system. The damaged fat cells are gradually eliminated through the natural metabolic process of our organism. The results are visible between the 1st and 3rd.

The CRYOTECHNOLOGY device has two heads that allow treating two areas simultaneously. This means that the duration of the procedure can be shorter, achieving the top-profitability in the sessions.

The heads allow conducting treatments in different body areas with the same accessory, thanks to its design, size and form (it is made with last generation materials).

Fat Freezing can help with: 

Recommended:1 – 3 Sessions in the same area every 6 – 8 weeks

Parent: Slimming Treatments

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