Full Body Exfoliation

What is a Full Body Exfoliation?


A full body exfoliation, also known as a scrub or body polish, is a treatment which exfoliates the top layer of skin on your body. A coarse product, either sea salt or sugar, is mixed with massage oils or essential oils and is scrubbed vigorously, and massaged across and into your skin. It is then rinsed away to reveal a clean layer of skin underneath.

A full body exfoliation is the foundation of other body treatments as:

 -it prepares your skin for an even spray tan by removing dead skin cells.

-it opens the pores before a wrap or mud treatment so that the product can be absorbed.


 What are the benefits of a Full Body Exfoliation?

The benefits of a Full Body Exfoliation:



 What are the different types of scrubs?

There are various types of scrubs used for a full body exfoliation, these include:

Sugar body scrub - the most common type of body scrubs are sugar-based scrubs. Sugar scrubs are much less-abrasive and used for sensitive skin types.

Sea salt body scrub – are coarse and therefore more rejuvenating and vigorous. These types of scrubs are beneficial for bringing toxins to your skins surface and have healing properties.

Coffee body scrub - is beneficial for cellulite prone areas as it is a natural stimulant.

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