Gelish Dip Manicure


The new Gelish dip can be described as an acrylic manicure, something between the traditional acrylic and gel options, brought to us by the creators of Gelish and Morgan Taylor. The end result of the Gelish Dip is a lighter, thinner manicure which is not as hard as acrylic and not as thick as gel, without the need for UV lamp curing.


It lasts about two weeks, after which your nails will still look near-perfect, an overall improvement on other manicure alternatives. The biggest allure of this new manicure is that it takes under 30 minutes for a beautiful, glossy finish, and with the new powder dip system it creates an even manicure without the imperfections one occasionally finds with acrylic and gel.

Removing the nails involves a soak, same as with a gel manicure, although one would have to soak for about 15 minutes longer than with a gel manicure. Despite this it is still fast growing popularity.



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