What is Keratin or Keratin smoothing treatment for hair?  


Keratin treatment is very often used to smoothe thick and unruly curly hair. But how does it work and why is it so great?

Keratin is a structural protein found in the outer layer of human skin, hair and nails. It gets depleted in the hair due to different hair and chemical treatments, heat and sunshine. Keratin treatment help bind Keratin to the hair, making it stronger and smoother preventing humidity of penetrating the hair strands. Keratin treatment is therefore mainly used to smooth our rebellious hair and curls. It is not permanent and will last up to 4 months.

Kerating smoothing process includes washing and drying the hair and applying the product for about 30min with a cap on. After that the hair is flat ironed and the client is to rinse the hair after 3 days.

The Keratin smoothing takes about 2-3hours and you will need to rinse the product at home after 3 days and watch it that it doesn't crease during those 3 days.

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