Permanent makeup


Permanent makeup is a treatment where a special kind of ink is applied to resemble the effect of makeup.

It is frequently used for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and other.

Permanent makeup for the brows is very popular treatment. It increases the appearance of thin and sparse brows, making them look fuller an more defined.

During the procedure the therapist uses a small needle that applies a pigment onto the skin of the eyebrows for example.

To start with the therapist will spend some time on drawing the shape of the brows for you, making sure you are happy with what is the shape going to be: and applying a topical numbing cream.

The tattoing process can take around 1 hour.

There can be a bit of bleeding and swelling and the brows will have quite a lot of pigment sitting on the top after the treatment.

After the period of week gradually the crust will peel off to reveal the final product.

During the period of recovery the brows should be kept dry in the first 5 days.

The touch-up session or two may be required.

The results can be quite dramatic and long-lasting.

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