Thai Massage in Kempton Park




If you feel like you need something different to the usual massaging techniques, why not try a Thai massage? A great way to combat stress, increase flexibility, relieve tension headaches and promote circulation. All the common symptoms we experience in our busy lives on a daily basis. The Thai massage utilises stretching, rocking and pulling techniques to minimise these symptoms. You will be fully clothed during your Thai massage and it is administered on a padded mat on the floor.  




While lying on the padded mat, your therapist will use her hands, arms, legs and feet to move your body into yoga like stretches. Energy work is used to treat the energetic field within the body. It is believed by the ancient Asian cultures that this opens up blockages and imbalances in the flow of energy through the body, improving your health. Remember to bring along or come in loose fitting clothing and don’t eat a large, heavy meal before. Your therapist is an expert, so always ask her for some tips on what to do and not to do before and after your Thai massage, so you experience can be a pleasant one.  




Like most massages, Thai massage can also be painful when certain strained muscle areas are worked on. There might also be some discomfort but if you have a well trained therapist she will adjust the pressure, so you can experience no or very minimal pain or discomfort.


Ouch Factor: 5/10

Effectiveness: 7/10

Time Taken: Normally 60 - 120 minutes

Parent: Massage

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