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Medi-Sculpt Clinic
(55 reviews)
Judy De Sá Pöhl
(Posted 4 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

Dr Reddy is an expert in her field and treatments always meet my expectations

What did you like?

Dr Reddy's experience in the field. She knows what she's doing.

What can be improved?

Maybe introduce a lotalty program.with discounts for regular clients

What would you recommend to others?

Most definitely. Don't go for these cheap Botox treatments. Some of these people are not qualified and can cause more harm than good.

(122 reviews)
Nicole Nastasia Naidoo
(Posted 10 months ago)

Thank you Nicole for replenishing and restoring my hair with the amazing Botox treatment. I am ever so grateful.

Rose Shabalala
(Posted 3 years ago)

I've had multiple visits to #TMAC and always leave happy. Lots of services! I always thought they only did Botox.

O-Pays Merveilleux
(Posted 3 years ago)

I come from France, i went here, on my way home, for some botox and some filler injections. That wasn't the first time that i did it, however that was the first time here in South Africa, so i can tell that the services are excellent. Nice reception, kind and serious staff, also seems to have some really nice products. The Doctor is really kind, really serious, take the time to listen. I was scared because i didn't know the place, but they made me feel in confidence. I recommend, you can come here without any problem! The result is beautiful! Enjoy! ;.)

Thandi Chauke
(Posted 3 years ago)

Ive seen footages of people who got facelifts,botox carboxytherapy oh my gosh...their work is sooooo amazing,,$uper amazing!!!