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(Posted 4 months ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

I was so happy to go back to my favourite hair salon. I felt welcomed like a family member and was safe and protected at all times. My stylist Errol always makes me look and feel like an absolute queen when I leave the salon #lovesunflowersalon

What did you like?

the pampering always :)

What can be improved?


What would you recommend to others?

I already did. My friend Lizette has also come to Errol already and she loves the experience :)

Barbara Meintjes
(Posted 7 months ago)

Besides being friendly & doing a good job, you relax in brand new electric impulse chairs which massage your back whilst having your hair washed. My piece de resistance is the choccie they give you with your tea or coffee????

Lynette Nance-kivell
(Posted 7 months ago)

Absolute value for money. Beautiful setting with excellent therapists. Love the specials. And now you can have your hair. Nails and treatments all under one roof. 56

Maida Cucovic
(Posted 8 months ago)

Got an amazing haircut. Very friendly staff and a amazing place that makes u feel so comfortable ?

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Ronel Lombard
(Posted 8 months ago)

Wat n "great" ondervinding..ek was nie die klient maar die ma..5hure later en Robin stap uit met n wip in haar hare en n sexy smile..well done Salon La Belle in Franschoek..jy is die beste kleur spesialis wat ek gesien het..ek gaan blond gaan want ek weet jy kan my blond maak?? What a "great" experience.. I was not the client but the mother.. 5 hure later and Robin walks out with a wip in her hair and a sexy smile.. well done Salon La Belle in Franschoek.. You are the best color specialist I have seen.. I'm going to go blonde because I know you can make me blonde ?? · See original · Rate this translation