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Kayla Manthe
(Posted 8 years ago)

I absolutely love going to perfectly polished. I haven been going there for the last 7 years to see viola. I wouldn't go anywhere else. every month I would go there to relax as I consider it my place of sanctuary,unfortunately now one cant really relax due to the noise of a hair dryer blowing in the back,it takes away the feel of relaxation.

Kristy-Jade Blanckenberg
(Posted 7 years ago)

Jonathan, I would first like to say thank-you. Your incredible patience, knowledge of colour and products, your phenomenal skills and expertise and technical ability was BEYOND my expectations. You turned my drab hair into the colour and style that fairytales are made of. Thank-you to the wonderful staff who helped! Welcome and Megs, you too were an important part of my hair journey. Thank-you Alex for your kindness and professionalism ... BABYLON is by far the best hair salon and I would make the drive from Durban North every time just to experience BABYLON service. See More

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Joanna Malczyk
(Posted 5 years ago)

Perfect hair cut by Oscar, I will be back.

Chantelle Rox Munro
(Posted 4 years ago)

Thank you Sam... What an amazing experience and stunning hair!!

Sascia Vanwyngaard
(Posted 3 years ago)

Thank You so much for my gorgeous hair Jono .You guys are so amazing at what you do . ?????????? Inove with my hair . #babylonhairisthebest