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Jet de la Rey
(Posted 4 years ago)

Extremely professional with outstanding results. Highly recommend Sabine for fabulous lashes, beautiful permanent makeup and first class Black Diamond facials. Thank you Sabine

Jennifer Leigh Eborall
(Posted 4 years ago)

Melissa is the only person to go to for permanent makeup and microblading. She goes above and beyond to make everything perfect! Highly recommend her and her salon!

June Stock
(Posted 5 years ago)

Always great experience. Awesome for permanent makeup. Thanks for your patience Stephanie.

Maria Veronica
(Posted 5 years ago)

I met Sabine from permanent makeup masterclass that we attend together. She is kind and passionate of what she do. I highly recommended her..

Junita Kondylis
(Posted 6 years ago)

Tell us what was your experience like?

Excellent service and results

What did you like?

Permanent makeup, micro blading and needling

What can be improved?

No improvements required

What would you recommend to others?

I would recommend and have recommended all procedures which I had done which include permanent makeup, micro blading and needing