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Winks Crossman Sharp
(Posted 4 years ago)

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Permanent makeup

Vicki Lopes
(Posted 5 years ago)

Love it! Love it! Love it! Awesome smells, calming atmosphere, great experience! Louise, Lily & all the staff are super friendly and very efficient. And Coco is a SUPERSTAR - I've been going to her with a shoulder/neck problem for over a year now - she's made a HUGE difference! Also sorted out other general aches & pains..... AND THAT'S NOT ALL:... Coco does permanent makeup and she's excellent! (fixed up my eyebrows after a very bad job done somewhere else) BUT WAIT - THERE'S MORE: Coco straightened my hair & cut it beautifully! SHIWA is one of my favourite places! See More

Juanita Steyn
(Posted 6 years ago)

Absolute best in permanent makeup! Rather wait for an appointment and have it done by the best

Ilda Lima
(Posted 6 years ago)

In a world of mediocrity and apathy it is wonderful to come across a leader and her team with full commitment and passion. I've been seeing Melissa for 4 years now and always walk away feeling like a million dollars. Both my lashes and (painless) permanent makeup are something that I would not live without. Thanks Melissa. Xx

Machelle Tania Thomas Kriel
(Posted 7 years ago)

I had my permanent makeup done here and it looks stunning!!!!!