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Greenstone Mall, Stoneridge Dr. Johannesburg, Gauteng

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  • Type: Hair Salon
  • Speciality: Hair and Nails
  • Access: Shopping Mall Parking Lot
  • Open Plan: 2
  • Private Rooms: 2
  • Couples Rooms: 0
  • Therapists: 6
  • icon Wi-Fi
  • icon Ambient Scent
  • icon Ambient Music
  • Stylish establishment
  • icon Place to hang your clothes
  • icon Refreshments served
  • icon Female & male treatments
  • Restroom on premises
  • icon Payment by credit card

services offered

Hair treatments

from R220


from R440


from R120


from R75


from R90
#4 out of 13 Hair Salons in Edendale



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  • Facilities
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Suritha Geers
(Posted 2 months ago)

Had my hair done with Malinda today and I am so happy with the color,cut and extensions. Thank you Yemaya for the amazing service and the fantastic result.I feel fantastic with my new hair??

Trisha Munsamy
(Posted 2 months ago)

Haircut by Malinda.... Amazing

Samantha Naudé
(Posted 5 months ago)

My brother received horrible service from Yemaya. A male hairdresser cringed when he touched his hair and made him feel like his hair was dirty when it was just gel. They didn’t even shape his hair in, it looked like he got a bowl cut on his head and it looked nothing like the picture... The hairdresser was so rude and very unprofessional ... Best of all, I bought my brother a promotional voucher to have his hair done at the salon.... If you trying to gain more customers with such cheap promotional vouchers then that says it all...He still has 2 more appointments to schedule but he will not be back, ever! People, rather pay a bit more for good service...

Beauty Bontlem
(Posted 6 months ago)

I just relaxed my Afro hair for the first time..

Wilma van der Westhuizen
(Posted 6 months ago)

The awesome TLC you get..thanks Anzel and make me and my daughter feel special..every time!

Tuka Tausi
(Posted 6 months ago)

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Madeleine Goncalves
(Posted 6 months ago)

experienced stylists! and always the best customer service!

Zainab Marais
(Posted 1 year ago)

Tidimalo Lindiwe Baeb'kiiey
(Posted 1 year ago)

Monique Kent
(Posted 1 year ago)

I went there the first time last year December. Beth did my hair to strip the black out of my hair to go blonde. Went there again end Jan this year and was amazing service. I then moved to Centurion but decided to still go there to do my hair. However Beth left and I made my appointment with Anzelle. I left early this korning as its about a 30min drive to get there. When I got to the salon the girl said Anzelle cannot make it today. And this girl did try and call me. Yes she did but at 8:50am. They should have at least phoned and hour earlier or so to cancel. Then they referred me to Sorbet in the mall. I went there but they dont do colour... just blow wave and cut. Worst service ever feom this salon!! I will not go back

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