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The Zone Power Peel

30% or 50%

The Zone Age Reversal Night Complex 50ml

Facial care

Night Complex

The Zone Daily Radiant Boost 50ml

Beta-Endorphin Stimulator 

SPF 25 Medium UVA/UVB Protection System

The Zone Daily Ultra Defence 50ml

Beta-Endorphin Stimulator


The Zone Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver 50ml

Beta-Endorphin Stimulator

Face & Neck Day Preparation

The Zone Derma Zest 100ml

Cleansing and Toning Gel

Laser Azu-Repair 100ml


The Zone Super Smoother 50ml

Dual Hyaluronic Action

The Zone Derma Zest 300ml (Pump)

Cleansing & Toning Gel

Anti Acne Cream 15ml

Facial Care

Basal Cell Feed 30ml


Enhance-A-Lash 9ml

Eye Care

Growth Stimulating Serum

Eye Lid Lift 9ml

Eye Care

Instant Lift 30ml

Facial Care

Mascara Long Lash 9g

Black Long Lash mascara promoting lash growth. Water Resistant Black Mascara.

Rejuvoderm Night Repair 50ml

A potent AHA Concentration with a low pH for maximum penetration to improve texture, pigmentation, lines & wrinkles and overall smoothness of the skin. Product exfoliates gently at night whilst in contact with the skin. Pure naturally derived Retinol provides Anti-ageing. Centella Asiatica provides wound Healing benefits

Ultrmatte Daily Infusion 50ml

Day preparation 


New Expression 3 -in-1 20ml

Targets the under eye area. Relaxes muscles, reduces puffiness and dark circles. Advanced eye treatment excellent for crows feet

Youth Daily High Performance Lotion 60ml

Day Preparation. This light, non-greasy, replenishing formula penetrates deeply, leaving the skin velvety soft and smooth with an army of actives protecting and replenishing all day long.

Repairing Shaving Oil 30ml

Face & Body Care

Revital-Eyz 15ml

Anti-Ageing Eye Emulsi gel

Stem Cell Activator 30ml

Special Areas

Luxury Body Enhancer 200ml

Spa Zone 

Anti-ageing Biomimetic Peel & Polisher

Slimming Sculpting Solution 200ml

Spa Zone


Slimming Sculpting Solution 100ml

Spa Zone


Laser Azu-Repair 15ml

Laser-peel Dermabrasion

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