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The Zone Epi-Genes Xpress 30ml


When skin regeneration slows down, the epidermis (outer layer of skin) becomes thinner and complexion loses luminosity, facial features appear tired. Epi-Genes Xpress stimulates and activates genes, stimulate protein conversion and activate essential functions such as enzyme function, enzymes, hormones and receptors, promoting epidermal recovery, this is called ‘Gene Expression’. Actives used at maximum efficacy help stimulate renewal, leading to a thicker and healthier looking, energized, more youthful epidermis. This product is a topical booster, helping to fight epidermal thinning, and contains the most innovative topical probiotic, and in this anti-ageing jewel contains an advanced, extremely pro-active, fermented bacterium. Skin is visibly smoother, thicker and more resilient, bringing back the all important youthful glow.


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