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Afro Pride

Deep Nourishing Shampoo 250ml

Mild and easy on your hair and scalp.

This shampoo is enriched  with proteins and natural oils yet light bodied enough to use as frequent as you like and will leave your hair and scalp well cleansed, feeling soft and healthy with a lustrous shine and static free.

Hair & Scalp Butter 250g

Smoothing Moisture Lock

Hair & Scalp Butter 500g

Smoothing Moisture Lock

Hydrating Conditioner 250ml

A creamy conditioner that detangles while adding moisture to kinks & curls thus leaving the hair cuticle well smoothened.

Enriched with Wheat Protein , Avocado , Olive and Baobab Oils. Infused with Shea Butter & Coffee Extracts.

Post Braid Detangler 250ml


  • Use on your wash day to detangle your hair before washing.
  • Use just before and during the process of removing braiding fibre on braids and twists to soften the knots.
  • Use to soften and detangle knotted / matted hair.
  • Always rinse off.

Mild Cleansing Co-Wash 250ml

A gentle conditioning wash that freshens your hair strands whilst providing nourishment to hair leaving it healthy and moisturized. A good product to use if hair needs a mild wash compared to deep cleansing.

Moisturising Hair Softner Spray 250ml

This formula replenishes your hair‘s moisture loss, repairing the damaged hair shafts ,adding shine and eliminating any knots and tangles thereby improving the manageability of your hair leaving it moisturized, soft and well defined.

Starter Pack 5-in-1

Afro Pride has made this easier by packaging all the goodness that your natural Afro hair needs. This total hair care system delivers moisture, manageability and restorative properties all while encouraging and maintaining its healthy condition for the diverse textures of African curly hair.

- Deep Nourishing Shampoo

- Hydrating Conditioner

- Hair & Scalp Butter

- Moisturising Hair Softner Spray

- 7-in-1 Oil Serum

7-in-1 Oil Serum 150ml

Promotes a very healthy scalp, helping your roots to grow into long healthy hair. Easily absorbed.

Baobab Oil 100ml

This oil induces hair regeneration by repairing dry, fragile and damaged hair. It also protects from UV rays and other weather conditions.

This oil has anti inflammatory factors; it helps to treat red itchy scalp and dandruff. It moisturizes while adding shine and gloss. It absorbs very easily deep into the hair follicles and it is non greasy.

Avocado Oil 100ml

This is good oil for dry brittle hair with Vit B and E. It works well as a or part of a leave in conditioner as it is assists to restore hair moisture and softness.

Coconut Oil 150g

This oil reinforces the protein structure of the hair, it helps curls retain moisture. It is a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker and faster. It also helps to remove build up of sebum as well as dandruff.

Shea Butter Oil 150g

Shea butter helps to rejuvenate hair follicles, which provides a better environment for healthy hair growth. Use it as an edge control to help grow back thinning / receding hair line. It soothes irritated scalp while also working as a sealant for hair moisture. 

Jojoba Oil 100ml

Promotes strong hair and helps to prevent hair loss. This is a good oil to use on facial hair (grooming beard) as well. It moisturizes while helping to prevent dandruff as well. This oil most closely resembles the natural sebum oil that our scalp produces.

GrapeSeed Oil 100ml

This is very light oil and absorbs quickly to keep your hair follicles moisturized and strong. Because of it being a light oil, it won’t weigh on your hair nor leave it greasy. When applied to dry flakey scalp, this oil helps to lift the flakes while moisturizing. Try massaging your scalp with this oil before your wash. It also has powerful anti oxidants that could assist with hair growth.

Black Castor Oil 100ml

This oil strengthens the hair roots while it rapidly grows the hair thicker. It is good in assisting hair from thinning, bold spots, and alopecia as well as scalp problems. It is thick and heavy and it is one of the best moisture sealants especially for thick hair. Use it to grow back thinning edges.

Sweet Almond oil 100ml

This oil has high levels of Vit A,B, D, &E which will work wonders in bringing your hair back to life. It leaves both your hair and scalp very healthy and promotes growth. It works well as a moisture sealant, so use Sweet Almond oil after your hair moisturizing spray or water.

Olive Oil 100ml

This oil helps to reduce and prevent split ends. This then helps to avoid hair breakage, therefore retaining hair length.

Use it to massage your scalp and hair to stimulate and better your blood circulation.

TeaTree Oil 100ml

This oil helps to protect and heal your scalp from infections. It is good antibacterial and antiseptic oil that helps to unclog the hair follicles. As this is very strong oil, if it is to be used for long, mixing it with olive oil before application will help. It helps to prevent build up of dead skin and chemicals on the scalp.

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