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DermaFix Brightening Cleanser 200ml

Minimizes uneven skin tone due to free radical damage

DermaFix Hydra-Silk Cleanser 200ml

The Hydra-Silk Cleanser from DermaFix is a light emollient skin care product. It removes make-up and other impurities without stripping the essential lipids on the skin. A potent blend of French Sea waters, Aloe Vera gel and Botanical extracts to promote skin health and hydration. The Hydra-Silk product is suitable for sensitised skin including rosacea.

DermaFix DermaPolish 100g

DermaPolish is a unique blend of organic enzyme rich powders, micro-exfoliates and cleanses the skin, leaving it noticeably smoother and brighter. DermaPolish is packed in dry form to maintain its effectiveness and freshness.

DermaFix Active Cleansing Gel 200ml

The DermaFix Active Cleansing Gel is a deep cleansing product that contains an oil-free formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities and make-up. Active Cleansing Gel helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells due to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids with natural enzymes to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse 150ml

A deep cleansing water- and oil-soluble preparation for the effective emulsification of eye make-up and foundation. DermaPrep Pre-Cleanse easily and effectively removes surface impurities leaving no residue on the skin. 

DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel 200ml

The DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel is formulated for normal to dry and sensitive skin. The Gentle Cleansing Gel contain ingredients that cleanse the skin thoroughly whilst moisturising with natural botanical extracts. The inclusion of Aloe Vera and Hops Extract in our Gentle Cleansing Gel are noted for their healing and calming properties. 

DermaFix Mandelic Cleanser 200ml

The DermaFix Mandelic Cleanser is a multifunctional cleanser that delicately, yet deeply, cleanses the skin. When using the Mandelic Cleanser, skin re-acquires its original equilibrium dealing with various problematic skin care concerns such as Ageing, Hyperpigmentation and Acne.

DermaFix Acne Solution 57ml

Acne Solutions with active Niacinamide, Rasberry Leaf Extract and Blackcurrant Leaf Extract helping to control acne by acting as an anti-inflammatory. This anti-inflammatory action assists to reduce redness and irritation. 

DermaFix Clari-Fine Clay Masque 125ml

The DermaFix Clari-Fine Clay Masque is a neck and facial masque that has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties to give your skin a deep cleanse to remove impurities. The Clari-Fine Clay Masque is an enriched healing clay gel masque for deep cleansing of impurities and oil control. 

Dermafix Vitamin B Cream 57ml

Vitamin B cream is a highly effective, lightweight moisturising cream that is recommended for all skin types, including blemished and problematic skin of any age group, as well as sensitive skin types.

DermaFix Ferulic +C +E 50ml

Ferulic + C + E provides the skin with a concentrated dose of Vitamin C + E, which is a proven science. This formulation targets hyperpigmentation often noted during pregnancy.  The addition of Ferulic Acid furthermore boosts anti-oxidant functionality, providing essential protection against free-radical attack that leads to skin ageing. 

DermaFix ACC Hyaluronic Gel 57ml

ACC Hyaluronic Gel is a highly concentrated anti-ageing, moisture binding and skin repairing facial treatment. ACC Hyaluronic Gel slows down the ageing process, helping to re-plump and “fill in” wrinkles. 

DermaFix ACC Copper 100ml

Intensive Collagen Repair Peptide.

ACC Copper is an advanced formula which delivers a concentrate of Copper GHK-Cu3 and anti-oxidants to improve the signs of environmentally induced stressed skin. ACC Copper is an anti-inflammatory helping to reduce UV induced erythema (sunburn).

DermaFix ACC Vitamin C 57ml

3-in-1 Hyperpigmentation, Ageing & Breakouts Treatment

This High Potency formula of Vitamin C, ACC Vitamin C,  is a revolutionary anti-oxidant combination that delivers photo-protective capabilities, neutralising free-radicals, helping build collagen and providing unmatched anti-oxidant protection. More protection means more youthful looking skin and better defence against environmental ageing.

DermaFix Ceramide Complex with DMAE 30ml

Anti-ageing serum for dry, mature skin. A revolutionary corrective and anti-ageing serum, Ceramide Complex, helps to lift up facial contours. The DermaFix Ceramide Complex is rich in DMAE to enhance the effects of the powerful blend of active ingredients. This anti-ageing serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and is formulated with age-defying CERAMIDES, DMAE, Hyaluronic and Apple Stem Cells. 

DermaFix Regenerate RX 57ml

Regenerate RX is a highly effective complex containing epidermal growth factors, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory healing oils and protein stimulating glycosaminoglycans from plants. The DermaFix Regenerate RX anti-ageing corrective is specifically used for the prevention of blotchy skin, spider veins, scars, bruises, dry and ageing skin.

DermaFix Collagen Conformer 100ml

The anti-ageing corrective, Collagen Conformer, accelerates the restructuring of the dermis with an immediate tightening effect or “flash lift” being clearly visible upon application. The DermaFix Collagen Conformer focuses on specific care for mature skin suffering from sagging and lack of firmness. It also accelerates the restructuring of the skin for younger and healthier look.

DermaFix DeCeLeRate 57ml

Peptide Rich Moisturiser for Age-Reversal effects

This highly active DermaFix anti-ageing corrective product is suitable for all skin types with visible signs of ageing. DeCeLeRate contains actives that inhibit the SNARE complex formation and activate the natural process of tissue repair. These Peptides, found in DeCeLeRate, stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize Collagen and Elastin fibres.

DermaFix InTensorLift 15ml

Wrinkle Filling Concentrate

DermaFix InTensorLift is a wrinkle filling concentrate which assists to bind water in the skin offering hydration benefits. It gradually minimises the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. Visible results can be seen for up to 24 hours after application.

DermaFix PowerDerm 57ml

Intensive Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Complex, PowerDerm, protects and stimulates the mitochondria enhancing the ATP (energy) levels of the skin cells. When the PowerDerm anti-ageing corrective is applied then collagen synthesis is stimulated, combating chronological ageing. 

DermaFix Bio-Effective Cream 57ml

Bio-Effective Cream is an extra nourishing moisturising cream that is an active revitalising and regenerative skin treatment for mature and dry skin care concerns. The Bio-Effective cream has unique qualities that are based on the exclusive properties of exceptional botanical extracts, a complex of Vitamins (A, C, D & E) and extra high content of selected nourishing oils.

DermaFix MT Microneedling Facial Roller

The DermaFix MT Microneedling Facial Roller offers you a safe and cost effective alternative treatment used as a trans-dermal delivery system that allows you to get more out of your products by enhancing product absorption into deeper layers of the skin.

DermaFix Vitamin C Serum 30ml

This active Vitamin C Serum (hydra-stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid) helps to reduce the visible signs of photo-ageing by helping to fight destructive free radicals. In addition, when using the DermaFix Vitamin C Serum, the skin acquires important protection from damaging ultra-violet rays.

DermaFix Dermal Repair 57ml

The DermaFix Dermal Repair serum is an exclusive multi-vitamin facial treatment. It contains an essential amount of Vitamin C, just the right concentration of Vitamin A and E, as well as beneficial minerals and extra pure essential oils. Dermal Repair maintains skin barrier integrity and prevents trans-epidermal water loss from environmental factors such as air-conditioning and sporting activities.

DermaFix ACC Tranexamic Gel 100ml

Transepidermal delivery of ACC Tranexamic Gel using the Microneedle Roller in the treatment of Melasma. ACC Tranexamic Gel safely inhibits the growth of tyrosine and the activity level of melanin in problematic, hyperpigmentation skin concerns.

DermaFix DermaBright 50ml

The DermaFix DermaBright corrector consists of a unique blend of active essential ingredients and is a powerful 3-in-1 treatment that is used to produce visible skin brightening results within days of regular application. 

DermaFix MelanoDerm 57ml

The DermaFix MelanoDerm corrective contains a unique skin lightening complex. The micro-active ingredients contained in MelanoDerm are clinically proven to inhibit Tyrosinase activity that are responsible for dark marks.


DermaFix Brightening Wipes 32s

Brightening Wipes offer a high potency additive for skin brightening and retexturising benefits. Provides a combination of enzyme activated Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid in a unique delivery system helping to brighten the skin.

DermaFix SkinLite 150ml

SkinLite is part of the DermaFix MD Prescriptives range and is a physician strength formula that visibly fades dark spots and skin discolourations for an even, radiant skin tone.  This targeted treatment contains a unique triple-action formula that is suitable to all skin types and works by inhibiting the formation of melanin.

DermaFix Vitamin Therapy Masque 125ml

Intensive Repair Treatment

The DermaFix Vitamin Therapy Masque is high in sterolins which are reputed to improve the appearance of age spots, sun damage and scarring. 

DermaFix DermaPolish + Charcoal 100g

DermaPolish + Activated Charcoal is an enzymatic exfoliator that removes redundant skin cell build-up, offering skin brightening results whilst stimulating cell growth. DermaPolish + Activated Charcoal promotes anti-ageing skin benefits with an improved wound healing response. 

DermaFix BB Cream Primer 40ml

The BB Cream Primer will hydrate, smooth and prepare your skin for the perfect makeup application, ensuring it is longer lasting with a flawless and even finish. 

DermaFix BB Cream Light/Medium 40ml

The DermaFix BB Cream is a lightweight all-in-one formulation that evens out skin tone, provides sun protection, illuminates dull complexion and creates a flawless finish. The BB Cream is enriched with Vitamin E and Soy Peptides for a powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Ageing benefit.

Comes in Light / Medium or Dark.

DermaFix Bio-Hydrating Cream 57ml

The DermaFix Bio-Hydrating cream is a highly effective lightweight emollient, moisturising and rejuvenating cream. It is a great all-round moisturiser. Bio-Hydrating Cream is recommended for all types of non-problematic skin, and when applied correctly leaves your skin soft and glowing.

DermaFix VitaPlex-C Cream 57ml

VitaPlex-C, which is a multi-vitamin revitalizing moisturiser, promotes collagen synthesis with a high concentration of vitamins C, A, D, B5 and E. In addition, DermaFix Vitaplex-C moisturiser activate the skin’s native collagen and provides moisturising benefits through its natural herbal extracts, nourishing oils, and exclusive amino acids.

DermaFix Argan Oil 50ml

Argan Oil is an organic nourishing elixir obtained from the kernels of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa) endemic to Morocco. The DermaFix Argan Oil is a moisturiser with 100% Pure EcoCert and Natrue organic certified Oil. Argan oil is a highly valuable skin care ingredient with regenerating and protecting properties.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitised, eczema and psoriasis prone skin

DermaFix Skin ResQ 125ml

Skin ResQ is the next generation of a weightless nourishing emollient blend with Murumuru Seed Butter and CoQ10. This superior formulation offers anti-oxidant protection keeping the skin moisturised, hydrated and supple for the prevention of stretch mark formation on the body.

DermaFix Hand ResQ 75ml

DermaFix Hand ResQ provides the skin with unmatched moisture restoration improving dry and ageing concerns on the hands. The skin is left feeling smoother and rehydrated, with a visible improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. 

DermaFix DermaShield SPF50 125ml

DermaShield SPF50 sunscreen provides high UVA/UVB protection for all skin types. DermaShield SPF50 is a scientifically advanced sun protection product that is PABA & Fragrance-free and contains a proprietary blend of sunscreen ingredients which protects the skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays that are associated with sun related skin damage and premature ageing.

DermaFix DermaShield SPF40 125ml

Our DermaShield SPF40 sunscreen provides true high UVA/UVB protection. This revolutionary product contains transparent Zinc Oxide, which protects skin from the damaging UVA rays proven to be responsible for premature signs of ageing. When used according to application guidelines the DermaShield SPF40 sun protection product provides skin with the protection it needs from the harmful effects of the sun.

DermaFix Collagen Masque 25g

With age the synthesis of collagen decreases, resulting in skin thinning with visible signs of ageing. Most components of the skin, including collagen, undergo continuous turnover. New collagen is continually produced and recycled throughout life. At a younger age the synthesis of collagen predominates, whereas after age 40 +, degradation of collagen becomes visible. For this reason it is recommended to make use of masques and the DermaFix Collagen Masque Film Masque will help soothe your skin to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

DermaFix Pumpkin Peptide 125ml

DermaFix Pumpkin Peptide Masque is an anti-oxidant rich, thermo masque assisting to remove redundant skin cells, offering re-texturising benefits whilst resurfacing the skin and encouraging cellular renewal. This masque is suited towards ageing, hyperpigmentation and breakout prone skin care concerns and leaves the skin glowing with a brighter and more radiant complexion.

DermaFix SND Corrector 157ml

The DermaFix SND Corrector is a deep penetrating dermal concentrate that corrects skin discolouration to give you a natural and healthy looking skin. The SND Corrector is a universal collagen and elastin moisturiser for stretch marks, neck and décolleté. 

DermaFix Ceramide Eye Complex 15ml

A revolutionary corrective, Ceramide Eye Complex, helps to lift up facial contours. Rich in DMAE to enhance the effects of the powerful blend of active ingredients. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. 

DermaFix CircleLight 15ml

DermaFix CircleLight is a dark circle corrector that contains anti-oxidants and peptides, working against ageing and environmental damage around the eye area. The DermaFix CircleLight skin corrective contains peptides that help prevent and fight bags under the eyes and increases peripheral circulation around the eye area.

DermaFix Corrective Eye Complex 15ml

DermaFix Corrective Eye Complex combines Apple Stem Cell Technology with powerful Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. This combination increases the longevity of skin cells, resulting in a reduction of lines and wrinkles.

DermaFix Eyeluronic Gel 15ml

Replenishing and Hydrating Eye Serum

The DermaFix Eyeluronic Gel contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a highly concentrated anti-ageing, moisture binding and skin repairing eye serum. It slows down the ageing process, helping to re-plump and “fill in” wrinkles that are often associated with skin dehydration.

DermaFix Mattifying Pore Minimizer 15ml

The DermaFix Mattifying Pore Minimizer (15ml) visibly reduces and refines pores leaving the skin velvet-smooth. The Mattifying Pore Minimizer is suitable for all non-sensitive skin types and provides nourishing benefits while keeping “shine in line” by controlling excessive sebum secretion.

DermaFix DermaBright 20ml

At home skin peel

The DermaFix DermaBright corrector consists of a unique blend of active essential ingredients and is a powerful 3-in-1 treatment that is used to produce visible skin brightening results within days of regular application.

DermaFix UltraBright 157ml

With regular use of DermaFix UltraBright, you will notice visible lightening of hyperpigmented areas of the skin showing positive results in a short period of time. UltraBright is recommended for overall skin lightening including dark skin found on hands, elbows, underarms and knees. 

DermaFix Ultra XFoliant 150g

Ultra XFoliant is a natural fine crystal that allows for safe and self-controlled skin exfoliation. Recommended for particularly dark skin found on hands, elbows, underarm and knees.

DermaFix Brightening Toner 150ml

This unique brightening toner formulation gently rebalances the skin and produces a brightening effect by inhibiting melanin synthesis. the brightening toner has natural herbal ingredients that, when applied, increase the skin's resistance to stress, trauma and fatigue.

The brightening toner contains extracts of Pomegranate and Raspberry that boosts collagen production and refines the skin collagen production and refines the skin.

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