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Bain Volumfique

Reconstructs hair intensifying strength from roots to ends. From the Resistance Collection

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Bain Chromatique Riche 200ml

Luminous softening hair bath for highlighted or sensitised coloured hair. From the REFLECTION COLLECTION

De Force – Ciment Thermique Topseal 150ml

Our first thermo-activated reconstructing milk for weakened hair (leave-in). From the Resistance Collection

Bain Volumfique

Reconstructs hair intensifying strength from roots to ends. From the Resistance Collection

Gelee Volumfique

Amplifying and Reinforcing Gel Conditioner for Volume and Lightness. From the Resistance Collection

Oleo Relax Soin

Curl enhancing leave-in cream that defines curls and controls volume for dry, curly hair. From the Nutrive Collection

Oleo Relax – Bain Oleo Relax

Smoothing leave-in cream that offers volume reduction and intense shine for thick, dry, rebellious hair. From the Nutrive Collection

Nutritive – Nectar Thermique

Thermo-care treatment for dry to very dry hair (leave-in). From the Nutrive Collection

Nutritive – Lait Vital Proteine

Very light nutritive care conditioner for normal to slightly dry and dry, damaged hair. From the Nutrive Collection

Oleo Curl Intense Masque

Our first nutri-softening curl definition masque for thick, curly and undisciplined hair. Gives hydration and perfect curl definition. From the Nutrive Collection

Bain Satin 1 250ml

Bain Satin 1 is a nutrition shampoo that was specifically designed for normal to slightly dry hair.

Lait Vital 200ml

Lait Vital is a nourishing conditioner specially conceived for normal to slightly dry hair.

Masquintense ( Fine) 200ml

Masquintense Fine Hair is an concentrated nourishing treatment mask for fine and dry hair. 

Masquintense ( Thick) 200ml

Masquintense Thick Hair is rich nourishing treatment mask thick and dry hair in need of nutrition.

Nector Thermique 150ml

Nectar Thermique is a thermo-protecting milk for normal to dry hair.

Bain Divalent 250ml

This scalp balancing shampoo treats oily roots by regulating the overproduction of sebum. 

Bain Elixir Ultime 250ml

This Marula oil infused shampoo is a shine-enhancing formula ideal for lack-luster hair.

Masque Elixir Ultime 250ml

Ideal for dull hair seeking shine, this intense restorative mask penetrates hair to treat and restore strands back to silky smooth shine.

Bain Riche Dermo calm 250ml

This hypoallergenic creamy shampoo targets the causes of the scalp irritation while nourishing dry hair lengths. 

Discipline Fluidissime anti-frizz spray 150ml

Spray Fluidissime is designed to smooth and restore the hair fiber’s homogeneity to provide manageability and anti-frizz protection for up to 72 hours.

Discipline Keratine Thermique 150ml

Kératine Thermique is a taming heat-protecting blowdry milk for unruly hair in need of discipline. 

Ciment Thermique Topseal 150ml

Ciment thermique is a a thermo-protecting blowdry and heat-styling cream designed to treat & protect weakened and damaged hair.

Fondant Elixir Ultime 200ml

This creamy oil infused conditioner magnifies hair's shine by sealing the hair fiber.

Bain Thérapiste 250ml

Bain Thérapiste's jellified texture repairs the hair fiberduring the wash.

Chronologist Masque 200ml

A revitalising mask for all hair types. 

Parfum en Huile

A fragrance designed by reknown perfume nose Alberto Morillas, the Chronologiste Parfum en Huile is a fragrance oil to be used after styling for a finishing touch of shine and softness.

Chronologiste Bain Shampoo 250ml

A revitalising shampoo for all hair types.

Sérum Thérapiste 30ml

Sérum Thérapiste is a double-action hair serum for very-damaged and over-processed hair.

Masque Curl Idéal Discipline 200ml

Masque Curl Ideal is a deep-treating mask designed to control over-voluminous curly hair in need of mass reduction and nutrition.

Crème Oléo-Curl Discipline150ml

Creme Oléo-Curl is a hair definition cream for curly hair looking for relaxed curls.

Mousse Curl Idéal Discipline 150ml

Mousse Curl Idéal is a caring mousse for curly hair in need of control for light and toned curls. 

Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal Discipline 400ml

Designed for a lowpoo routine, a 2-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner for curl control to deeply treat while gently cleansing hair with a single application. 

Bain Force Architecte Résistance 250ml

The Bain Force Architecte is the 1st repairing reconstructing shampoo, designed for weakened and damaged hair. 

Bain Magistral Nutritive 250ml

Bain Magistral is a fundamental nutrition shampoo for severely dried-out hair. 

Fondant Magistral Nutritive 200ml

Fondant magistral is a conditioner for fine and severely dried-out hair in need of intense nutrition.

Crème Magistrale Nutritive 150ml

Crème Magistrale is a balm designed for severly dried-out hair.

Masque Magistral Nutritive 200ml

Masque magistral is a deep-penetration nutrition treatment mask for severely dried-out thick hair. 

Bain Fluidéaliste Sulfate Free 250ml

Bain Fluidéaliste Sulfate Free is an ultra-gentle formula designed to tame hair in need of manageability.

Bain Prévention 250ml

Bain Prévention is a shampoo designed as a preventive solution to hair loss and thinning hair concerns ideal for frequent usage. 

Masque Hydra-Apaisant 200ml

This mask hydrates and soothes the scalp to enhance skin quality and scalp defense from dry and oily concerns. 

Fondant Fluidéaliste 200ml

Fondant Fluidéaliste is a conditioner for fine to normal unruly hair. 

Stimuliste Spécifique 125ml

Developed as a daily nutri-energising treatment against hair loss for men and women, this spray stimulates hair production while improving hair density and substance.

Bain Chromatique 250ml

Bain Chromatique is a color radiance shampoo for all color-treated or highlighted hair.

Fondant Chromatique 200ml

Fondant Chromatique is a radiance intensifying conditioner for color-treated or highlighted hair.

Masque Chromatique - Fine Hair 200ml

Masque Chromatique is a deep nourishing mask for fine sensitized color treated or highlighted hair.

Masque Chromatique - Thick Hair 200ml

Masque Chromatique is a rich treatment mask for thick sensitized color-treated or highlighted hair. 

Baume Densité Homme 75ml

Baume Densité Homme is a texturising modelling balm for men with thinning hair concerns. 

Bain Densité Homme 250ml

Bain Densité is a daily shampoo to treat thinning hair for men.

Masque Densité 200ml

Masque Densité was designed to treat medium to coarse hair in loss of density. 

Discipline Maskeratine Hair Mask 200ml

Hair-smoothing moisturizing mask for frizzy or curly hair.

Soin Premier Thérapiste 250ml

Soin Premier Therapiste is a deep repair conditioner to be applied before shampooing. 

Bain Satin 2 Nutritive 250ml

Bain Satin 2 is a nutrition shampoo that was specifically created for dry and sensitized hair.

Bain Anti-Pelliculaire Spécifique 250ml

The Bain Anti-Pelliculaire, an anti-dandruff shampoo, acts on two types of dandruffs, dry and oily flakes. 

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