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NADplus+ Complex


The unique combination of Nutraceuticals in NADplus+ Complex has a tremendous capacity to slow down the ageing of cells in the human body. Aspects of this capacity lies locked up in the antioxidant properties of many of the ingredients in NADplus+ Complex. Cells in the body are very sensitive to inflammation and will age and die prematurely if exposed to unnecessary inflammation. Modern life with its many stressors, like the high levels of emotional pressure, increased exposure to environmental toxins and toxins in our diets, give rise to increased levels of free radicals in the body. These free radicals circulate in our systems and induce cell changes and thus damage by robbing cells of electrons with ensuing inflammation on a large scale at cellular level. This process of being robbed of electrons is called oxidation, which alters the structure of the cells involved. Changed cells are then prone to the normal physiological process of inflammation which is triggered via many endogenous hormones and chemicals produced by the body.

Protection against free radicals in the system is supplied by antioxidants made by the body. Due to the overload of free radicals in modern life and the excessive demand on the body's natural supply of antioxidants, supplementation with antioxidants has become a necessity. This is where NADplus+ Complex is particularly advantageous by means of its abundant content of water and fat-soluble antioxidants, which takes care of free radicals in the circulation and in the cells.

The various natural antioxidants in NADplus+ Complex have the potential to reduce the load of free radicals in the body significantly, which in turn slows down inflammation, cell damage and premature cell ageing.


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