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Melatonin Ampoules 10 x 2ml


Indicated as a daily treatment for all skin types.
How to use:
The lower flap of the pack includes tools to help open, apply and store the product.
1. Open the ampoule using the opener provided on the bottom of the pack. Place on the neck of the ampoule and break.
2. Attach the nipple to the open ampoule, remove the cap, turn it upside down and press the body of the nipple to modulate the flow of product. Apply every evening to clean dry skin before your usual treatment mesoestetic cream. Spread over the face, neck and neckline and massage until completely absorbed. To enhance the treatment, apply glycolic ampoules beforehand and on a weekly basis, which will improve the penetration of the ingredients.
3. If there is any product left over after applying it, replace the cap on the nipple and store the ampoule in the holder supplied with the pack


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