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NeoStrata® Resurface Foaming Glycolic Wash 20 AHA

High Strength Exfoliating Cleanser

NeoStrata® Resurface Ultra Smoothing Cream 10AHA

Alpha Hydroxy night cream for non-sensitive skin.

NeoStrata® Resurface Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF20 10AHA

Alpha Hydroxy day cream for non-sensitive skin.

NeoStrata® Resurface Smooth Surface Glycolic Peel

High-strength exfoliating treatment.

NeoStrata® Resurface Lotion Plus 200ml

Advanced AHA exfoliator

NeoStrata® CLARIFY Gel Plus 100ml

Oily skin AHA refiner

NeoStrata® CLARIFY Mandelic Mattifying Serum (Oil control gel) 30ml

Minimizes the appearance of pores and reduces shine.

NeoStrata® RESTORE Bionic Face Cream 12PHA 40g

Reparative emollient that provides intense hydration and helps soothe and revitalize the look of stressed skin.

NeoStrata® ENLIGHTEN Illuminating Serum 30ml

Tone correcting concentrate 

NeoStrata® ENLIGHTEN Dark Spot Corrector 20g

Improves the look of dark skin coloration targeting a more even appearance.

NeoStrata® ENLIGHTEN Skin Brightener SPF35 40g

Is a triple-action daily moisturizer that is formulated to help reduce and prevent the appearance of brown marks and pigmentation.

NeoStrata® Skin Active Repair Matrix Support SPF30 50g

Improves skin texture and uneven tone while helping skin to look firmer and healthier.

NeoStrata® Skin Active Repair Intensive Eye Therapy

Volumizing Antiaging Eye Treatment

NeoStrata® Skin Active Repair Cellular Restoration 50g

NEOSTRATA® Cellular Restoration™ Face Cream for Dry Skin

NeoStrata® Skin Active Firming Dermal Replenishment 50g

Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) Concentrate

NeoStrata® CORRECT Collagen Booster Serum 30ml

Potent regenerative treatment

NeoStrata® CLARIFY Targeted Clarifying Gel 15g

Triple acid pore treatment (Spot treatment)

NeoStrata® Targeted Problem Dry Skin Cream 100g

Rescue treatment for dry, flaking scaly skin.

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