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Multi-Perfection Eye Cream 20ml


An eye treatment preparation that shows a significant lifting action on sagging upper eyelids and is safely applied directly to the eyelid.
With the addition of a first of its kind highly acclaimed active known as Beautifeye™, this product can now target every possible eye concern making it a breakthrough in the field of corrective eye care.
Effectively minimizes dark circles, strengthens the dermal structure of the eye, noticeably lifts drooping upper eyelids and firms under-eye puffiness. The scientific nature in which this product performs allows for its extremely diverse functionality and it is therefore the perfect alternative to invasive surgery due to its ability to lift drooping eyelids.
Furthermore to this, the addition of soft focus optical diffusers gently illuminates the skin and already improves the appearance of the skin from the first application while the cutting-edge ingredients deliver results from as little as 7 days.




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