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UltraVine™️ Advance RCS Day Cream 50ml


A velvety textured cream containing actives which help offer a complete skin protection to minimise the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic ageing.

The UltraVine™ Advance RCS Day Cream contains a tetrapeptide, amongst many other active ingredients, that not only prevents the damage caused directly or indirectly by UV radiation to DNA and proteins, thus minimising photo-ageing, but also promotes the skin’s DNA repair system capacity. Additionally, it includes a plant based cosmetic active which offers a soft and velvety touch through the use of petals obtained from white flowers, Pale Rose, Jasmine and Daisy, ultimately leaving your skin smooth and soft. Add to that an important ingredient that helps attract, retain and add moisture to the skin whilst scavenging free radicals.




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