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Elements Health and Skin Care Clinic First Consultation

Virtual Consultation

For first time buyers or those looking for a follow up consultation please follow the following steps:

Step 1:
Purchase a virtual consultation with your therapist (30 minutes) at a cost of R150 for first consults R100 for a follow up.

Step 2:

Once payment is received you are then able to book your consultation online through our online booking system. Your appointment may be subject to change.

Step 3:

Once we have completed your consultation, your therapist will send you a breakdown on the recommended skincare products you will need, she will also issue you with a R150 for first time buyers or R100 voucher for a follow up client- of which you can redeem with the purchase of your products.

Step 4:

Place your order with the GoBeauty platform and your order should be delivered in 4-5 working days.



Virtual Consultation

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