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RITES Foam Fighter Wash 100ml

The ultimate daily face wash that fights to remove impurities while leaving your skin feeling fresh, renewed, and matte.

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RITES Control Freak SPF30 Moisturizer 50ml

Protect and moisturise your skin with our mattifying skin solution.

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RITES Fresh Crusader 20 wipes per box

A pack of 20 toner wipes, perfect for on-the-go cleansing.Our RITES toner face wipes provide intensive cleaning for problem areas such as the pesky T-zone. Infused with Witch Hazel, cucumber and Aloe Vera, our RITES toner face wipes helps to unclog the pores and provide hydration in one simple swipe, leaving your skin feeling clean and toned, with no need to rinse with water.

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RITES Smart Hydrator Repair Moisturiser 50ml

Our RITES repair moisturiser for acne prone skin is intensively hydrating, non-sticky, and soothing.

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RITES Vitality Champion Capsules (15 days)

A box of your daily dose of required vitamins to keep your skin rich of antioxidants and most importantly, blemish free!

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RITES Smooth Operator Lip Balm 10ml

Containing essential omega-6 fatty acids, RITES lip balm is highly effective in treating dry lips.

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RITES Power Powder 50ml

The RITES exfoliating powder works to unclog pores and refine the texture of the skin. When combined with the RITES foaming face wash, the RITES exfoliating powder gently buffs away the unhealthy cells on the skins surface to expose the cells underneath.

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RITES Disappearing Act Spot Control Gel 20ml

A targeted treatment that is essential for any embarrassing breakout. RITES spot control gel helps to unclog pores, visibly reduce blemishes and prevents their re-appearance. It has been specially formulated to reduce the appearance of pimples, papules, pustules and help fade acne marks.

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