Chemical Peel in Garsfontein


What is a Chemical Peel?


A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing technique where a chemical solution is applied to the skin to help remove the outermost layers of the skin.

A specific peel is chosen to create a controlled injury to the skin. A healing process is created on the skin and the dead skin will eventually peel off subtly.

The different chemical peels are measured at different depths, meaning how many layers of surface skin it reaches. Your choice of chemical peel will depend on your desired results. The top layers of skin that regenerates afterwards is generally smoother, brighter, younger looking and less wrinkled.

Skin peels are most commonly used for Face, Neck, decollete and hands.


What kind of conditions are the Chemical Peels for?

Chemical peels are used to treat various skin conditions and concerns such as:


What are the different types of Chemical Peel?

There are 3 main types of chemical peels:

Light Chemical Peel

Light chemical peels are the most gentle type of chemical peel and can be used on all skin types. These peels can also be referred to as your superficial peel, as this treatment helps remove dead skin at the most outer surface layer. It may be used to decrease fine wrinkles, acne, skin tone and skin texture

You will see results from your first treatment and results will increase with repeated treatments.

Light Chemical peels can be repeated every week for 6 weeks


Medium Chemical Peel

Medium peels are slightly more penetrating on the skin, almost causing a controlled second-degree burn. Thus reaching deeper skin layers than the Light peel. This type of chemical peel helps to remove skin cells from the epidermis and from portions of the upper part of your middle layer of skin. A medium chemical peel will show immediate results, and treats acne scars and uneven skin tone on a deeper lever compared to a light peel.

Medium chemical peels can be repeated every 6 weeks


Deep Chemical Peel

A deep chemical peel penetrates several layers of skin. As a result they require longer recovery time. The deep chemical peel helps to remove skin cells from the epidermis and from portions of the mid to lower layer of your dermis. A deep Chemical peel can be recommended for deeper wrinkles and deeper scars. There will be a dramatic improvement in the look and feel after one treatment.


After care tips and recommendations 

During all healing periods after a peel, you will need to avoid sun exposure. It is important to wear sunscreen every day and limit sun exposure as much as possible. New skin is more susceptible to damage and discolouration from sunlight.

During the treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the face which causes the damaged layer of skin to be removed.

The exact composition of the chemical peel depends on the issue and its severity. There are mild, medium and strong peels. They all can help with fine lines and acne and the strong ones are effective for deeper scars and wrinkles.

The results can be quite remarkable and long lasting (some up to 10 years).

Peels for sensitive skin have to be discussed with a qualified therapist before the treatment is conducted.

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