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Treatment - Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are extremely popular treatment amongst customers of all ages.

Lash extensions can help create a dramatic change in the look of the eyes especially when the natural lashes are somewhat sparse or thin.

The lashes are made thicker and longer through the application of individual eyelash extension.

The lashes are literally glued one by one to the ends of your natural eyelashes using a specially formulated medical bonding agent.

You can choose to have a full set of lashes, half or just at the end for that winged look. If you opt for the full set, the application can take up to 2 hours to complete, as each one of your natural lashes is receiving an extension.

There are even fuller application where 2 or more lashes are attached to one natural, this way creating the most dramatic luscious look.

Eyelash extensions can last 6-8 weeks and some will last up to 12 weeks. They do fall out as your natural lashes do, and require a bit of maintainace, such as not using an oil-based makeup remover on the eyes and not making them wet for 3 days after the application.

You may need your lash maintenance fill every 2-3 weeks in order to keep your lashes looking full.

There are salons specialising exclusively in eyelash extensions, but the service is offered at most salons.


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