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Treatment- Hot Stone Massage



What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is a specialised type of massage where the technique of a regular massage is combined with the use of hot stones that are placed on different parts of the body. The session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of these rocks on keys points or acupressure points

These stones are smooth, flat volcanic rock (basalt). These volcanic rocks retain heat very well and are therefore very useful for this massage in heating up tense muscles.

These stones are heated up in hot water and added to various body parts such as the back, stomach, hands and feet.

Sometimes, cold basalts can be used on the head and face or after the hot stones have been applied and used on the body, as cooler temperatures aid in calming swollen blood vessels and soothes hot skin.



Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The benefits of Hot Stone Massage include:

Pain relief

Hot stone massage has specifically been associated with pain relief and improving variety of motion.


Stress relief

Receiving a Massage is an effective technique for stress relief. Massages reduce stress and anxiety and improve cardiovascular wellbeing.

Increased joint flexibility

Muscle tension can create difficulty around joints, creating pain and inflexibility. A Massage helps to relax muscles, which makes it more flexible for joints to move. People with certain joint disorders may benefit particularly from a hot stone massage.

Decreased muscle spasms and tension

Muscles that are tense or in spasm can cause a lot of pain. Decreasing the inflammation and tension in muscles eases both muscle spasms and pain.

Better sleep

Factors such as stress and insomnia decrease sleep, a massage promotes wellness thereby helping to relax the body and promote sleep.


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