Manicure in Cape Winelands


Linda van Niekerk Skincare Clinic 2

145 Dorp St, Stellenbosch, South Africa

from R170
(1 reviews)

Paarl Skin & Aesthetics Centre

211 Main Road, Paarl, Western Cape

from R260
(0 reviews)

The Secret Wellness

191 Main Road, Franschhoek, Western Cape

from R200
(5 reviews)

Madeleen Health & Beauty Studio

91 La Belle Vie, Melkbos St, Stellenbosch, Western Cape

from R225
(26 reviews)

The Laserlab

De wet square, Church street, Stellenbosch

from R160
(40 reviews)


What is a Manicure? 

Manicure steps usually include: filing and shaping nails edge, cutting and pushing cuticles from the root of the nails, buffing the surface of the nails to smooth them before the nail varnish application.


What are the different types of manicure?

French manicure – the nail tips are white with the rest of the nail natural colour; the tips can be natural and painted white or acrylic tips that are glued to the natural nail.

Gel manicure – similar to basic manicure but as the last step gel polish is applied that requires curing under a special lamp; gel manis tend to last longer than basic ones and are less likely to chip.

Paraffin dip is used to soften the skin and it is heated to high temperature to enable better absorption of essential oils, great treatment for overworked hands leaving them smooth and soft

Manicure for men – basic manicure includes cutting and buffing the nails and possibly finishing it with a natural varnish with just a clear base coat and top coat for protection.

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