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 Microblading, also known by a variety of names such as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. The technique of implanting pigment after the creation of fine incisions in the skin may date back thousands of years however the trend towards using the technique for eyebrows may have emerged in Asia in recent years. Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment superficially in the upper region of the dermis with the use of a hand tool with attached needles fused together in a linear grouping, it does not involve the use of a machine. Similar to permanent makeup brow treatments using a machine, the Microblading technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that can be very natural looking but nonetheless Microblading is still a form of cosmetic tattooing. The microblading needle groupings tend to contain needles that are extremely fine in diameter in comparison to the needles used in traditional tattooing however recent advancements in cosmetic tattoo needle technology has also produced extremely fine needles gauges for machine use. Technicians usually use a numbing solution to limit discomfort and consequently like all forms of cosmetic tattooing if performed correctly the procedure causes minimal discomfort. Microblading should be performed using aseptic technique, needles must always be sterile and single use, the technician must disinfect the area of the skin prior to the tattoo service and clinical grade single use associated equipment and consumables are highly recommended (hand piece, skin wipes and saline, micro-brushes, dressing packs etc) preferably sterile. The most common complications and client dissatisfaction that results from any form of tattooing is misapplication of the pigment, pigment migration and color change. Serious complications are uncommon though it is important to stress that like all forms of tattooing risks associated with Microblading include the transmission of Blood Borne Pathogenic Organisms (e.g. HIV, Hepatitis C Virus) as well as short term or long terms reactions to pigment ingredients. Therefore it is essential to check that the technician holds appropriate licenses and registrations for the provision of tattoo services as well as enquiring about the standard of training and that has been attained by the technician. Procedures performed by technicians who have completed a comprehensive course of instruction can minimize the risk of unwanted outcomes and client dissatisfaction.

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment for the brows where ink is injected using the microblading pen. This tool with super fine needles is used and each stroke is gently etched into the skin to give a natural look. The needles will not penetrate the skin but just softly scratch the surface of the skin.

The microblading process last around 2 hours to complete and includes drawing the shape of the brows with the temporary pen - this is the most important step and it's well worth spending time on - followed by applying a numbing cream to reduce the pain and discomfort.

Different pigments are carefully chosen to create a most natural brow and skin tone is also taken into consideration.  

After the completion of microblading there is some recovery time for about 2 weeks, and the brows can last for a few years.

Microblading can dramatically correct lost eyebrows and is amazing for those wanting to enhance their brows or thinning brows from over tweezing, age or illness.  



Your therapist will discuss shape and colour and will no doubt give you some advice if you are a little stuck on which will best suit your face shape and skin tone. Perhaps you’d like a more trendy shape or go completely natural?


Your qualified therapist will shape your brows and do a clean up to prep the area for your brand new brows.

He/She will  start their magic by measuring and drawing the correct brow line you have agreed on.

A numbing ointment will be applied and you do not want to skip this step!

The needling process begins. Remember these will be very light and gentle strokes to the surface of the skin with the microblading pen. The pigment will seep into the skin and start settling.


After the completion of microblading there is some recovery time for about 2 weeks. You’ll have to  follow the after care instructions given to you.

Do not scratch the area. The area will start healing exactly like a tattoo, which might lead to some irritation, so the urge to pick it will be there, but just concentrate on how amazing your brows will be once all healed.

Your hair might appear lighter or faded days after the procedure. But do not fret, your ideal colour and shape will show after about 30 days.




A touch up is normally necessary after 6-8 weeks after your first session. Your therapist will remind you about this.




Microblading lasts between 12-18 months, this is also dependent on your skin type.  People with oily skin will need a top up by 12 months, whereas someone with normal skin can wait for the 18 month mark to do a top up.



The process is slightly painful but the numbing cream will help dull the pain. The sound of the needles scratching the skin are also a bit unpleasant.  


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