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Nikee Daneille Adams
(Posted 1 month ago)

I don't know where to start! Thursday was my second time visiting Adri and wow oh wow!! The first time I was very impressed with her make up skills, but this time around she knocked me out of the park. She did a Brazilian blowout on my hair. And after washing the product off I have completely straight wash and wear hair!!! I regret not taking a before picture cause the after results is to die for!! Thank you SO much Adri! I am in love with my hair!

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Catherine Richter
(Posted 7 months ago)

First time at The Worx - really comfortable wash area (no neck cricks!) and styling area. Thanks to Shezmay for an awesome (and affordable) Brazilian Blowout.

Claudia Vanessa Erbs
(Posted 9 months ago)

A beautuful, professional and trustfull beauty salon to go to. I have been going there for my brazilian wax, chin threading and facials for the past 5 years with amazing service and results, thanks all the staff.

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Sandy Yeganeh
(Posted 11 months ago)

I've been going to Yemaya frequently in the 6 months I was in Cape Town in 2018. I've had the pleasure to be treated by hairdresser Clerissa, who did my monthly haircuts and a couple of Brazilian Blowouts during my stay. Clerissa has been very professional with me, both giving me a good outcome on treatments and answering the many questions I had about the treatments and the products. She's an excellent hairstylist, as she is very engaged in her work, which she told me she ha...d done for the past 25 years. I even saw the other hairstylists come and ask for her opinion on several occasions - and as a bonus, she's a very good conversationist, and remembers her clients. I've also had the pleasure to get my nails done every 3 weeks by nail technician Linda, and it is safe to say that she made my nails look amazing and kept me satisfied every time I went to her. She, like Clerissa, has been working in the field for a long period of time, and has both local and international costumers coming to her on a re

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Leah Jagwanth
(Posted 1 year ago)

Eben did a Brazilian blow wave on my hair and I am THRILLED!!! Awesome service!!! Also - Victoria gives the best head and hand massages EVER!!!