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Age Reverse 50ml

Delivers an advanced age fighting solution rich in artichoke leaf peptide, retinol and wild yam. With restored density and hydration skin recovers comfort and suppleness and wrinkles are smoothed.

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Anti Ageing Moisturiser 50ml

Stimulates cell metabolism, anti-free radical action and reduces the effects of premature aging.

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Balancing Lotion 200ml

Alcohol-free toner, completes make up removal and refreshes the skin (normalizes the skin to pH6)

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Satin Pillowcase (Black)

A proudly South African - Anti-Ageing, Anti-Sleep Crease and Anti-Bed Head pillow case.

Brightening & Even Tone Booster Elixir Serum 10ml

Elixir Serum suitable for skin types with an uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Brightening Enzyme Peel 50ml

Effective peeling action, anti- free radical and soothing action leaving the skin bright and smooth.

Broad Spectrum Sun Sun Protection 50ml

Innovative new emulsifying anti-sand system, rich in shea butter, leaving the skin soft and silky. Suitable for the most sensitive of skins. Excellent make up primer.

Cranberry Exfoliating Cream 50ml

A luxurious exfoliation that smoothes away dead skin cells, prevents blocked pores and reveals a layer of fresh new skin.

Eye & Lip Mask 30ml

Nourishing treatment mask with anti-ageing properties to regenerate, hydrate and

softens the eye and lip contour area.

Eye & Lip Soft Exfoliator 30ml

A rich, super hydrating peeling cream that gently exfoliates the most delicate eye and lip area leaving the skin luminous, perfectly hydrated and silky smooth.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles Booster Elixir Serum 10ml

Elixir Serum suitable for skin types concerned with fine lines & wrinkles.

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Flawless Cleansing Oil 150ml

Vitamin E enriched Hydrophilic cleansing oil that gently dissolves make up, sun block, pollution and any excess oil build up.

Gentle Foaming Face Wash 200ml

Deep cleansing yet mild, removes make-up whilst nourishing and softening the skin.

Glycolic Acid 8% Face Wash 200ml

Deep cleansing, with glycolic acid to break down any build up on the skin surface leaving skin radiant and smooth.

Instant Firming Mask 50ml

Firming and regenerating.  Activates cellular functions. Instantly smoothes wrinkles and plumps the skin.

Lifting Eye Cream 30ml

Smoothes eye contours, reduces signs of fatigue, long lasting hydration.

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Magnificent Eye Gel 30ml

Soft hydrating gel to soothe puffy eyes, reduce dark circles, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and provide calming hydration to the delicate eye area.

Men's Beard Oil 30ml

A soft, gentle, light weight oil designed specifically to soften and smooth men’s facial hair.

Men's Moisturising Cream 75ml

The perfect moisturiser which is an after shave skin soother, skin softener, anti-free radical action, reduces the effects of premature aging and acts as an anti-shine moisturiser.

Men's Shaving Face Wash 150ml

A deep cleansing face wash that softens the beard & doubles up as a smooth and gentle shaving gel.

Moisture Boost Mask 50ml

“Eight cups of water for the skin”. Soothes, plumps, revives and protects the skin. Dry and Dehydrated Skin, may be used on all skin types with the exception of acne prone skin.

O2 Serum 30ml

Stimulates cell renewal and restores skin barrier function.

Post Treatment Kit

Glycolic Acid 8% Foaming Face Wash 200ml, Broad Spectrum Sun Protection 50ml, O2 Serum 30ml, Moisture Boost Mask 30ml, 2 X Booster Elixir Serums.

Purifying & Mattifying Booster Elixir Serum 10ml

Elixir serum suitable for combination, oily and problematic skin types.

Self Heating Face Mask 50ml

Opens pores and draws out impurities and toxins. It finishes with a cooling sensation for tingly-smooth, radiant skin in just a few minutes.

Sensitive Booster Elixir Serum 10ml

Suitable for all skin types, specific to sensitive, inflamed and reactive skin.

SIX Teen Deep Cleansing Face Wash 150ml

Peak performance pimple control, enriched with tea tree oil , salicylic acid and Licorice , this face wash effectively purifies the skin by removing  dirt, sweat and make-up, leaving the skin fresh and balanced.

Soothing Lotion 200ml

Softens and soothes whilst restoring skin pH balance and improving microcirculation normalizes the skin to pH5)

The Sixth-Intelligence 50ml

An advanced and powerful skin care solution protecting your DNA from the damaging effects of the harsh environment. The Sixth Intelligence provides a universal defence against wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion and may even be used as a night cream, to nourish your skin whilst asleep.

Tightening & Firming Booster Elixir Serum 10ml

Suitable for skin types concerned with loss of firmness, sagging and premature ageing.

Velvety Soft Cleanser 200ml

Creamy texture, softens and comforts the skin.

Vitamin A Serum 50ml

A highly active serum which smoothes skin texture, increases thickness of skin, regenerates sun damaged skin, increases moisture retention in the skin.  A powerful and effective anti-ageing solution! Great for oily and acne prone skins.  To be used as a seasonal BOOSTER treatment (3 x per year).

Vitamin C Moisturising Cream 50ml

A rich Moisturising cream to reduce levels of damaging free radicals, increase skin firmness, brightens skin tone and effective wrinkle reduction.


Whilst You Sleep Booster Elixir Serum 10ml

Elixir serum suitable for skin types as an overnight booster and repair treatment.

Satin Pillowcase (White)

A proudly South African - Anti-Ageing, Anti-Sleep Crease and Anti-Bed Head pillow case

Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder 150ml

A combination of rice starch, oatmeal and papaya extracts gently exfoliates the skin, absorbs the oil shine, refines large pores, whilst calming the skin. 

Suitable for all skin types.

Micellar Cleansing Water 150ml

A cleansing water with micrscopic oil molecules to dissolve makeup, soothe, purify and tone the skin.

Suitable for all sking types

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