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Ultra Renewal Cream

Dermaheal’s anti-ageing product, Ultra Renewal Cream is the platinum product in the Dermaheal anti-ageing product range. It is a combination of the finest Lamelle proprietary ingredients and has been designed to effect change in ageing skin.

This is the ultimate in evidence-based innovation.

In Ultra Renewal Cream, Lamelle has combined a lipid-recovery base that includes Ceramide-P, natural moisturising factors and a 24-hour moisture-lock system to replenish dry skin. To this base, we have added HAFi fragments to bind water and stimulate the production of more hyaluronic acid in the skin, while also healing damaged and injured skin. To this, we’ve added a retinoic acid ester that stimulates cell turnover in the epidermis and removes elastosis (damaged elastin), as well as the highest concentration of our recombinant human growth factor and cytokine complex. Ultra Renewal Cream is designed to be the best home-care product you can possibly use to revitalise and heal ageing skin.

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Renewal Cream

Renewal Cream is much richer (in consistency and feel) than Cellular Repair Cream, and is designed for slightly more mature skin. Generally, the client that uses Renewal Cream will have been challenged with dry skin at some stage and her skin will need more moisture and hydration. This is also an excellent product to “upgrade” to during winter in geographic locations where the winters are dryer.

Dermaheal’s anti-ageing product, Renewal Cream can be used twice a day.

It can be used as a night-time product when using Cellular Repair Cream during the day.

In more mature skin, it can be used during the day when using Ultra Renewal Cream as a night-time product.

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Cellular Repair Cream

Cellular Repair Cream is the lightest (in consistency and feel) cream in the Dermaheal anti-ageing range and is designed for a younger, healthier skin where moisture levels are still naturally controlled. The product would be used in treating combination skin or skin that had been oilier at a younger age.

Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream can be used twice a day or can be combined with another product at night.

The product contains a high concentration of all five of the skin-specific human recombinant growth factors. This is enhanced with the use of two anti-inflammatory “messages”, as well as the ingredient that will stem continuous chronic inflammation. The antioxidant used in this product (Pycnogenol) is a powerful quencher of free radicals and will also lower the levels of damaging enzymes that damage the structures of the skin. A little bit of vitamin C will assist in boosting collagen production while also protecting from free radical damage.

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Eye Regeneration Plus

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Cream has been engineered to powerfully remodel and aggressively prevent further damage in the delicate eye area. This product is focussed on softening lines and wrinkles around the eye and is an excellent support product when combined with in-office treatments that are focussed on this area as it enhances the results of such treatments.

Dermaheal Eye Regeneration Plus Cream softens fine lines and wrinkles, decreasing puffiness and inflammation while rebuilding the skin’s lipid bilayer of the skin around the eye and on the lid of the eye.

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Foaming Cleanser

This luxurious, soap-free foaming cleanser is pH-balanced and mild enough to use twice a day – cleansing and toning the skin with each use. The cleanser has been formulated using a moisturising complex that is designed to hydrate the skin as you cleanse.

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