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Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical treatment where small amounts of carbon dioxide is injected beneath the skin.

This method restores the skin and is amazing for treating wrinkles, fine lines, that dreaded cellulite and stretch marks and even dark under eye circles. 

With carbon dioxide being a natural gas in the body, carboxytherapy is one of the safest ways to minimise these conditions.

After the treatment there is a big difference in skin elasticity and circulation. The carbon dioxide injected, causes the red blood cells to rush to the area which in turn increases circulation.  

In a case of cellulite reduction, the carbon dioxide breaks down the fat and increases blood flow to the areas which stimulates the metabolism of fat.

With dark under eye circles, the carbon dioxide injected causes much better circulation and improves the capillary networks in that area. Seasonal allergy and sinusitis sufferers can attest to those dark under eye circles and this is a great treatment to try, to minimise this condition.



A tank of carbon dioxide is connected to a flow-regulator with plastic tubing. The carbon dioxide gas is then released through the flow-regulator and into a sterile tube that has a filter at the end. The carbon dioxide runs through a small needle on the opposite side of the filter. The physician will then inject the gas into the skin via the needle. It may sound abit scientific and scary, but your physician is an expert and will carefully control how much gas flows through the tank into your skin.



Great news, carboxytherapy is relatively painless! In the case of treating stretch marks, the skin might be itchy due to the stretch marks bloating during the session. But this sensation only lasts a few minutes.  If you are having cellulite treated, you may feel pressure during the session, a very similar sensation to having your blood pressure taken. The treated areas will feel tingly about 24 hours after the treatment. This happens because the carbon dioxide is working its magic, increasing circulation. So not to worry, you can happily go about your day as usual after your carboxytherapy session.



It of course depends on how intense your skin condition is and which part of the body is receiving the therapy.  It is reported that if carboxytherapy is administered on the face, you need 4-6 treatments. This would take place every 4-6 weeks. To dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite, you will need approximately 10 - 20 sessions. It is best going on a monthly basis for a condition as intense as cellulite, while also sticking to a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. After your first session, your physician will have a good idea about your condition and will give you an exact idea of how many sessions you’ll need.

Ouch Factor: 2/10

Effectiveness: 7/10

Time Taken: 15-20 min

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